Welcome to our new home! Living Magick is now a part of Devera Publishing. We are still independently owned and operated, but we are expanding our publishing services and titles to include a wider range of topics relating to personal growth and awareness of body, mind and spirit. Under our new name, the Living Magick line of products will be one of several areas to choose from.

We are currently seeking authors with book proposals for subjects including Spirituality, Wellness, Holistic Living, Sustainability, and other topics relating to our market. And, we are inviting artists to submit proposals for Tarot and Oracle card decks.

About our name ~ "Devera" is an alternative spelling of Deverra the Roman Goddess. Symbolized by a broom used to sweep away evil influences, she ruled over the brooms used to purify temples in preparation for various services and celebrations.

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Jadzia & Jay DeForest